Ask Elliot

AI-Powered Assistance

Ask Elliot offers a personal assistant experience, designed to seamlessly address your queries. Whether it's open-ended questions or specific requests, Elliot intelligently navigates the entire platform, ensuring accurate responses. With deep integration across features like Risk Management, Time Management, Code Generation, Knowledge Base, and Diagnostics, Elliot stands as your central point of contact for swift, insightful assistance.

Enhance Engagement

Seamless Integration

Elliot represents the pinnacle of user-centric design, offering a unified interface for diverse queries across the platform. This integration means users have one go-to point for all their needs, simplifying their interaction with complex systems. By consolidating access to various tools, Elliot not only enhances user experience but also improves efficiency, making it a cornerstone feature for effective project management and decision-making.

Assistant That Grows With You

Elliot will become more intelligent the more it interacts with you and the system. This will help it provide Increasingly better, more accurate and relevant information and answers.

Elliot also integrates with various tools including your project management software and coding repository like BitBucket and GitHub to either retrieve information or contribute to your code.

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